Monday, November 16, 2009

Got the job!!!

Hey all!!! I got the job at Eye Institute!!! Will be working part-time on Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays, plus any other days as and when they need me!!! Great!!!!

Started working and is great, ‘cause you don’t know how much you missed it, till you are back in the mix again!


This is the place… almost looks like Centurion Eye Hospital, if you look quickly…

I work 2.2km’s away from Kevin’s work and we can walk to each others work, will take us +/-30 minutes, but do-able!!!

That’s all for now folks, go check out my works website!!!

Love to all,

Louise xxx

P.S. We also got Kevin car registered and road worthy!!! Due to be picked up on Friday….by me…yippeeeeeeee

Monday, November 9, 2009

Getting back to normal slowly, but surely….

Hi all!

Kevin & I is slowly, but surely getting back to normal. Doing things we would back home, but we are just short of our friends and family….IMG_3489

Kevin & I went walking in the city and went around the corner at the wharf only to find this humongous cruise liner sitting banked at the wharf. 

What a monster of a cruise liner????? IMG_3491

We also had a Light show on the ferry building IMG_3516which was for Telecom new launch of their new logo…was very nice just very short.





We also tried the local Russian bar at the wharf for some happy hour drinks, which is half price between 5-7pm.IMG_3493 Don’t have the cocktails, no vodka at all and both Kevin & I drank the cocktail so quickly..we both thought that it was cool-drink! Ha ha ha, after that we stuck to the beers and wine…

Then over Labour long week end (26 Oct), which there is not many of in NZ…we went driving to Whangarai up north from Auckland. We saw the most beautiful scenery around the coast and driving through the mountain passes.


We possibly found our next holiday spot…self-caterings beach flat, with local games room and swimming pool + spa and awesome views of the sea and Whangarai for 270 degrees… the view if you turn your head left……IMG_3589






…the view when you look straight ahead…







We also drove pass the falls at Whangarai, really cool. IMG_3575

Not a lot of people there to take a picture of ourselves so we improvised….IMG_3579






We also went to Takapuna beach and took a leisurely stroll from the one end to the other….great fun and relaxing!!! IMG_3535We sat in the shade of a big tree and watched all the people walking, playing, swimming, going out on jet-ski’s…felt like we were on holiday!! 

The end of the beach…….IMG_3540 …but come low tide, the rocks are exposed and you can walk around the base of the cliff to the next cool is that???

And the BEST news ever!!!! We found a house to rent…will be moving in on 21 November…hold thumbs all will be fine… will post pic’s soon, of what it looks like!! Have a fabulous garden plus a veggie garden with carrots, radish, lettuce, etc… great!!! Click on link, to see where we will live on a map… 13 Babington Place, Torbay, North Shore, New Zealand

Kevin and I can also not wait to have our own first BRAAI!!! We want to go to the local butcher in Albany to buy some WORS!!! with braai broodtjies!!!

Also our container + car has set foot on NZ soil last week Thursday and we should have the car available to us later this week or next Tuesday…can’t wait!!! Our own WHEELS!!!!

I also helped out at the Eye Institute today, all looks positive for me to start working there!!! Eye Institute Auckland

Seems to be part time and to go into permanent…hold on to the thumbs…will be great to work there!!! Check out the website…. . If I work at the Newmarket branch, pic above, then I will only work 2.2km from Kevin’s work. We could walk to each other’s work…would be a good 30 minute walk, but do-able…

We’re busy dealing with the last couple of hurdles, what a challenge it has been, BUT we will  keep on going strong!!!

All the best….

Keep well… love Kevin & Louise xxx

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hello to all, after a long pause…..

Here is a long overdue blog update! Sorry for the wait, but got all sorted now with the new laptop, internet connection and downloading all the photo’s!!

We are now staying for our second week in a furnished flat in Auckland CBD, which is quite nice, as we are making it our mini IMG_3442 home. We currently looking for a rental home, but the search is progressing very slowly. Only 2-3 weeks before you want to rent a house do you need to start looking, this is the custom here in NZ. The property agents also work totally different here than in SA, in SA they will call you and actually bug you to rent and come view a house. Here you do all the leg work and they get paid??? Don’t understand it, maybe they work different when it comes to selling...

We also had a freak cold front last week, which bought on snow. This snow was falling at a level from 200-300m high above sea level, about 2-3 hours drive away from Auckland. There were people that were snowed in on the mountain pass, had to be rescued and their cars could only be retrieved the next day...but the previous week before that was the red dust in has been going crazy. Something to get used to in NZ.

DSC04991The weather is getting warmer here and we are looking forward to great weather. We had our first taste of great weather on Sunday and enjoyed fish & chips on Mission Bay beach. All the little kids out picnicking with parents and friends, all having a great relaxing day out....

 IMG_3438 The cats are both fine and well, love it when we come to visit, but quickly get bored with us again. We try to change something in their cage every week to keep the boredom at bay. They love this tunnel that is made out of material and crinkly paper, with holes in the middle, they chase each other in the tunnel, great fun...

Also have some treats for them which they love, we also figured  IMG_3429out that they like the chicken favour and not the fish/salmon favours. But they are getting spoilt; I tell ya...they get tuna every Sunday!! I think it’s every Sunday, not sure if it’s every day, but they love it!! We will need to continue with that.....we miss them two so much.

Otherwise all is going well with us and Kevin & I love walking around in the city. Especially now with daylight saving, the evenings are light for longer....can’t wait till it stays light to like 10pm....only down fall is that if you get busy with something, you don’t realise it’s getting late, till it’s too late!!

Have started to take some photos and will be posting it regularly...the city...people, etc. On Friday the city is hosting a “Lighting Show” on the Ferry building on the wharf, we’re gonna go and will post the pic’s for all.


On 26 Oct we are also going to have our first national holiday in NZ, Labour Day, yippee long weekend for us!!! If we have bucks, we’ll try to drive up North and go see some sights. So much to explore, so much to do, we don’t always know what to do first.

Yeah and Auckland had a bus drivers strike, a STRIKE!!! And then the bus company locked out the driver, so there were minimal busses. All the kids were going back to school on Monday and no transport was a nightmare!!! The Mayor of Auckland have now stepped in and told the bus company to solve this problem or their contract will get revoked and another company will be appointed to do the busses in Auckland after 3 days all has been resolved, driver, kids, mayor and all happy...strike in NZ => wow, but getting resolved so quickly= >never before seen in SA...


It’s amazing how all the things work here, everybody have their little thing to do. Sometimes they do it strangely, but it gets DONE! Slower than back home, but still done....the slow part is also still some getting used to for us. I’m sure we’ll get there...


Missing all of you!! All our love &regards

Till next time, which I promise will be sooner than

Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting geared...

G'day all!!

All & all going good, getting geared into getting a place of our own...while I search away the native have let me know that I am in toooo much of a hurry. That is looking now for a house to rent in November....I need to start a maximum of a month before that.... only have a month to find, view it and make a decision....a little short isn't it!!!

I have my bank account set-up and running, have applied for my driver's license and tax number...should get all the cards in the post soon.

Have been driving in & around Auckland, what a dream it taxi's, no traffic, no hooligans, just a shame that you are only allowed the max speed of 100 on the highway...

Weather is also been great, had a rainy days on the week-end, but it all cleared up on Sunday and great sunny days again!!

Kevin & I will be getting our own laptop soon(end Oct) and then we should be able to upload some photos for hang in there, the photos are coming soon!!

Kevin, Sandy, Michael & me went to a pub called Foxies on the Queens Wharf in Auckland city harbour. Great place, great food and had a great time there watching the rugby....go bokke!!! Was a wee bit nervous at one stage as we were only about 6 or 7 south africans in the whole big place...was planning escape routes...ha ha ha...

Went to a "Home show" on Sunday, drove around to see where the cats will be in quarantine and rounded the week-end of with an episode of "wipe out". People running a obstacle course for money, but the course is design for them to fall and trip...what a laugh....

Now off to do some more searching and hold thumbs that we find something nice...
Till next time, greetings to all....


Saturday, September 5, 2009

In NZ!!!!!

Hi all!!!
Finally in NZ after the lllloooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg fli7 ght!!!! Got home and wasn't long and went straight to bed, slept late on Friday, unpacking & getting sorted. Spent the lovely Saturday in the Auckland domain park, walking around Kevin and Micheal kicked a soccer ball around. Had a lovely walk on Orewa beach, which is a long beach, perfect for kite flying. Just now returned from having our firt dining out at a Thai restuarant, which was excellent!!!
Now getting ready to watch some rugby with Kevin & Micheal, they playing here in NZ!!!
Still getting used to the changed sleeping patterns, was wide awake last night at 3 o'clock and could not get back to sleep....weird, but they said will still take about a week for me to adjust...
Just gotta get camera set-up and will transfer pic's to laptop and will post it ASAP!!!
Loads more stories to follow soon, will keep you all posted!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hi all!!

I'm in rainy & wet Sydney awaiting my transfer flight to Auckland, another 2 hours and I can board, then another 3 1/2 hours and I get to see Kevin!!! Can't wait...

I'm in two mind at the moment and can't hand I'm extremely sad to leave my family & friends behind in SA, but on the other extremely happy to see Kevin again and to start the new adventure!!

Will keep blog more frequently update from now on, al leas once a week!!!

Love you all...

Cheers till next time...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 days and counting...till I see Kevin again!!!

Kia Ora!!!

10 days and counting...till I see Kevin again!!! I tell you I can't wait!!!The two babies, our beloved Tommy & Sylvester has been at Keringa since 17th August and got very cold on Thursday, but the weather has been getting warmer since...thay also moved them to a nice cage. Now they are much fact so much that after 20 minute visit the cats aren't much interested in visiting anymore....

At the moment I'm visiting with my parents and sister on "our side of the mountain" (that's on Wonderboom side, by Kolonade) and enjoying the warmer tempratures...

I'm also driving up & down to visit the cats at Kempton Park and the driving on the R21 is not too great all the time, but at least you can see that some progress is being made with the road building.

Kevin is starting to gear up for my arrival and I think that we are going to have a blast there. Michael & Sandy have already put the jacuzi on and all four of us will have a lekka time...

My time is growing to a close here in SA and I'm taking in all the flavour, sights and memories....till next time we come to visit.

Hope you all have a good day, till next time,

Cheers xxx

Saturday, August 8, 2009

27 days and counting....

Kia Ora everybody

Today (7 August) was my last day at Centurion Eye Hospital, now it's the last BIG haul to get the last things done before I depart!!! The people at work gave me a wonderful south african recipe book & two books on digital photography. So I get the message, I must take loads of picture!!! Had a wonderful day with all and will remember them dearly...

Kevin is also having a ball this week-end in New Zealand, as it's the big launch party for 2 Degrees Mobile in New Zealand and hopefully he will enjoy it thoroughly & meet lotz of new people!!!

All going well so far....I'm just missing my husband terribly!!! Still 27 days to go, before I get to see Kevin!!!

Love to all


Friday, July 24, 2009

Kia Ora!! (Which means hello in Maori)

All going well with Kevin in NZ, he’s busy finding his feet at his new job, feeling a bit weird & still uncomfortable, but is mainly due to having worked at Vodacom for almost 11 years. Kevin doesn’t know what it feels like to start afresh at a new job, but should not take too long between 2-4 weeks and you figured out the basics.

All going well with me in SA, arrangements are not a little bit on the quite side, but will pick-up again next week. The beginning of this week I realized, with a shock, I’ll only be work another 2 weeks and then FINISHED!!! Monday will also be a BIG day were Kevin should give me the “go-ahead” for our car to go & when I will be needed to go….. Frustrated to organize and then wait, organize and then wait again!!!

Please hold thumbs that the exchange rate for NZ$ and ZAR also remains strong, currently on R 5.20!!!

Keep us in your prayers that all our organizing will continue smoothly & successfully.
Keep well, cheers xxx

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The beginning...

Hi all

Created the blogspot and now the very first post on our blog....

I'm still in South Africa & Kevin is all ready in New Zealand, had his 2nd day working at 2Degree Mobile.

All exciting stuff!!!

Will keep blog updated weekly...

Keep well & cheers xxx