Monday, November 9, 2009

Getting back to normal slowly, but surely….

Hi all!

Kevin & I is slowly, but surely getting back to normal. Doing things we would back home, but we are just short of our friends and family….IMG_3489

Kevin & I went walking in the city and went around the corner at the wharf only to find this humongous cruise liner sitting banked at the wharf. 

What a monster of a cruise liner????? IMG_3491

We also had a Light show on the ferry building IMG_3516which was for Telecom new launch of their new logo…was very nice just very short.





We also tried the local Russian bar at the wharf for some happy hour drinks, which is half price between 5-7pm.IMG_3493 Don’t have the cocktails, no vodka at all and both Kevin & I drank the cocktail so quickly..we both thought that it was cool-drink! Ha ha ha, after that we stuck to the beers and wine…

Then over Labour long week end (26 Oct), which there is not many of in NZ…we went driving to Whangarai up north from Auckland. We saw the most beautiful scenery around the coast and driving through the mountain passes.


We possibly found our next holiday spot…self-caterings beach flat, with local games room and swimming pool + spa and awesome views of the sea and Whangarai for 270 degrees… the view if you turn your head left……IMG_3589






…the view when you look straight ahead…







We also drove pass the falls at Whangarai, really cool. IMG_3575

Not a lot of people there to take a picture of ourselves so we improvised….IMG_3579






We also went to Takapuna beach and took a leisurely stroll from the one end to the other….great fun and relaxing!!! IMG_3535We sat in the shade of a big tree and watched all the people walking, playing, swimming, going out on jet-ski’s…felt like we were on holiday!! 

The end of the beach…….IMG_3540 …but come low tide, the rocks are exposed and you can walk around the base of the cliff to the next cool is that???

And the BEST news ever!!!! We found a house to rent…will be moving in on 21 November…hold thumbs all will be fine… will post pic’s soon, of what it looks like!! Have a fabulous garden plus a veggie garden with carrots, radish, lettuce, etc… great!!! Click on link, to see where we will live on a map… 13 Babington Place, Torbay, North Shore, New Zealand

Kevin and I can also not wait to have our own first BRAAI!!! We want to go to the local butcher in Albany to buy some WORS!!! with braai broodtjies!!!

Also our container + car has set foot on NZ soil last week Thursday and we should have the car available to us later this week or next Tuesday…can’t wait!!! Our own WHEELS!!!!

I also helped out at the Eye Institute today, all looks positive for me to start working there!!! Eye Institute Auckland

Seems to be part time and to go into permanent…hold on to the thumbs…will be great to work there!!! Check out the website…. . If I work at the Newmarket branch, pic above, then I will only work 2.2km from Kevin’s work. We could walk to each other’s work…would be a good 30 minute walk, but do-able…

We’re busy dealing with the last couple of hurdles, what a challenge it has been, BUT we will  keep on going strong!!!

All the best….

Keep well… love Kevin & Louise xxx

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  1. So happy things are going so great for you both and look forward to seeing your new place, hope you are very happy and continue having such a great time as you enjoy the avdenture that is new zealand, miss you guys, love and hugs
    Mark Samm Deqlan Logan