Friday, July 24, 2009

Kia Ora!! (Which means hello in Maori)

All going well with Kevin in NZ, he’s busy finding his feet at his new job, feeling a bit weird & still uncomfortable, but is mainly due to having worked at Vodacom for almost 11 years. Kevin doesn’t know what it feels like to start afresh at a new job, but should not take too long between 2-4 weeks and you figured out the basics.

All going well with me in SA, arrangements are not a little bit on the quite side, but will pick-up again next week. The beginning of this week I realized, with a shock, I’ll only be work another 2 weeks and then FINISHED!!! Monday will also be a BIG day were Kevin should give me the “go-ahead” for our car to go & when I will be needed to go….. Frustrated to organize and then wait, organize and then wait again!!!

Please hold thumbs that the exchange rate for NZ$ and ZAR also remains strong, currently on R 5.20!!!

Keep us in your prayers that all our organizing will continue smoothly & successfully.
Keep well, cheers xxx

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The beginning...

Hi all

Created the blogspot and now the very first post on our blog....

I'm still in South Africa & Kevin is all ready in New Zealand, had his 2nd day working at 2Degree Mobile.

All exciting stuff!!!

Will keep blog updated weekly...

Keep well & cheers xxx