Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 days and counting...till I see Kevin again!!!

Kia Ora!!!

10 days and counting...till I see Kevin again!!! I tell you I can't wait!!!The two babies, our beloved Tommy & Sylvester has been at Keringa since 17th August and got very cold on Thursday, but the weather has been getting warmer since...thay also moved them to a nice cage. Now they are much happier...in fact so much that after 20 minute visit the cats aren't much interested in visiting anymore....

At the moment I'm visiting with my parents and sister on "our side of the mountain" (that's on Wonderboom side, by Kolonade) and enjoying the warmer tempratures...

I'm also driving up & down to visit the cats at Kempton Park and the driving on the R21 is not too great all the time, but at least you can see that some progress is being made with the road building.

Kevin is starting to gear up for my arrival and I think that we are going to have a blast there. Michael & Sandy have already put the jacuzi on and all four of us will have a lekka time...

My time is growing to a close here in SA and I'm taking in all the flavour, sights and memories....till next time we come to visit.

Hope you all have a good day, till next time,

Cheers xxx

Saturday, August 8, 2009

27 days and counting....

Kia Ora everybody

Today (7 August) was my last day at Centurion Eye Hospital, now it's the last BIG haul to get the last things done before I depart!!! The people at work gave me a wonderful south african recipe book & two books on digital photography. So I get the message, I must take loads of picture!!! Had a wonderful day with all and will remember them dearly...

Kevin is also having a ball this week-end in New Zealand, as it's the big launch party for 2 Degrees Mobile in New Zealand and hopefully he will enjoy it thoroughly & meet lotz of new people!!!

All going well so far....I'm just missing my husband terribly!!! Still 27 days to go, before I get to see Kevin!!!

Love to all