Monday, November 16, 2009

Got the job!!!

Hey all!!! I got the job at Eye Institute!!! Will be working part-time on Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays, plus any other days as and when they need me!!! Great!!!!

Started working and is great, ‘cause you don’t know how much you missed it, till you are back in the mix again!


This is the place… almost looks like Centurion Eye Hospital, if you look quickly…

I work 2.2km’s away from Kevin’s work and we can walk to each others work, will take us +/-30 minutes, but do-able!!!

That’s all for now folks, go check out my works website!!!

Love to all,

Louise xxx

P.S. We also got Kevin car registered and road worthy!!! Due to be picked up on Friday….by me…yippeeeeeeee

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