Saturday, September 5, 2009

In NZ!!!!!

Hi all!!!
Finally in NZ after the lllloooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg fli7 ght!!!! Got home and wasn't long and went straight to bed, slept late on Friday, unpacking & getting sorted. Spent the lovely Saturday in the Auckland domain park, walking around Kevin and Micheal kicked a soccer ball around. Had a lovely walk on Orewa beach, which is a long beach, perfect for kite flying. Just now returned from having our firt dining out at a Thai restuarant, which was excellent!!!
Now getting ready to watch some rugby with Kevin & Micheal, they playing here in NZ!!!
Still getting used to the changed sleeping patterns, was wide awake last night at 3 o'clock and could not get back to sleep....weird, but they said will still take about a week for me to adjust...
Just gotta get camera set-up and will transfer pic's to laptop and will post it ASAP!!!
Loads more stories to follow soon, will keep you all posted!!!

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  1. hello guys ! so glad you safely there louise! hope you all settling in nicely and we can wait to see all the photos! will miss you on friday and saturday for Deqlans birthday but check our blog out next week for all the details and photos! love to you all